Vegan vrs Normal: Can vegans take the cheese out of the cheesecake?

So seen as I’ve been looking at a lot of deserts recently I thought I’d delve deeper down the rabbit hole and look at how vegans do cheese cake without cheese. I was expecting vegan cheese or tofu or something but the recipes seemed predominantly nuts and syrup. God knows how this will work but I’m here to try it so you don’t have to pay for all the ingredients to find out it doesn’t work. Be warned that these do tend to need a blender though =)

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake [Vegan] <img src=”″ />



  • 200g almonds
  • 140 g medjool dates pipped (I reccommend chopping them up before you put them in or preblending them abit)
  •  100g coconut shredded
  • Pinch  salt
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil (melted)

Delicious lemon raspberry filling

  •  300g cashews
  •  160ml agave, maple syrup, coconut nectar or date paste
  •  200g coconut oil (melted)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • zest of 2 lemons and juice of 2-4 lemons (The original recipe seemed to say the equivalent of the juice of 4 lemons but oh my god is it lemony. So I recommend less for those who are like me and don’t want a strong lemony flavour)
  • 1 punnet raspberries 350g (fresh or frozen)
  • Pinch Celtic sea salt

Garnish (optional)

  • fresh raspberries
  • sprinkling of almond and date base



  1. Blend the nuts and salt in food processor until finely chopped
  2. Add dates, coconut oil and shredded coconut blend well
  3. Scrape ingredients from bowl and press firmly into cake tin
  4. Press mixture firmly into a lined cake tin and place in freezer/fridge
  5. You can also set aside a little extra base for garnishing of cake

Delicious lemon raspberry filling

  1. Place all ingredients in food processor blend until smooth and creamy (I blended the nuts a bit seperately first because they were a bit bulky)
  2. Option: You can either blend the raspberries in for a more even flavour or you can fold the raspberries through mixture to get chunks of raspberry and a nice swirling effect.
  3. Pour filling onto crust and place in freezer/fridge for 2 hours, or until the cheesecake is firm to the touch
  4. If frozen allow cake to thaw on bench for 30 minutes and cut into 8-10 slices before serving.

Why not try: swapping out the raspberries for a different fruit you like.

Last updated:19/02/2017


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